A Third Sports Radio Station

Earlier this month, 1090 The Fan began broadcasting as part of the CBS Sports Radio Network.  The Fan now joins KJR, who recently shook up its on-air hosts’ schedules, and 710 ESPN in the niche.  Whether three’s a crowd, only time will tell.  In general, the more options for the sports fan, the better.  The station currently has only one local show, in afternoon drive time, but has indicated that they expect to add local shows over time.  There has been no indication of a desire to make a play on local sports rights down the road.  One could argue whether there’s enough compelling local sports radio rights (to games) to support three stations.

Beyond these three, NBC Sports Radio Network and the Yahoo! Sports Radio Network, formally Sporting News Radio, are planning national pushes.  We’ll have to wait and see if that includes stations in the Seattle market or the less grand option of providing syndicated content to a partner station.  No matter how many sports radio stations end up operating here, a path to success might include breaking away from the usual pattern of interviews/callers/banter and trying different content and different methods of engaging the fans and providing the information they truly want.


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