Sounders Biz Ops Set Free

March 29, 2014

Just over a week ago, the Sounders and Seahawks revealed that the Sounders’ business operations will become independent on April 30th.  Both teams indicated that this has been in the works from the beginning of the relationship.  This allows each organization to focus on its own specific needs and timeline.  From a media angle, most notable is that the Sounders have followed the Seahawks in using the same local TV partner (KING/KONG to KCPQ/JoeTV) and radio family (710ESPN/97.3FM of Bonneville) from their start in MLS.  This probably isn’t coincidental.  Whenever their current media contracts expire, it’ll be interesting to see what path the Sounders choose going forward and how it differs, if at all, from the status quo.

And while the teams’ business operations will continue separately, the teams remain partners at CenturyLink Field and Paul Allen maintain his 25% ownership stake in the Sounders.  Unknown is whether the Sounders will still use the VMAC indoor practice facility during early season training and at other occasional times during the season.  All in all, this business ops split is good for both teams, allowing the Sounders to show what they can do operating a soccer focused business.