Forbes Says Sounders’ Value Tops MLS

September 7, 2015

Forbes updated their biannual valuations of MLS clubs recently.  The Sounders topped the list at $245M and were followed by the Galaxy and Dynamo, both also at $200M or higher.  The Sounders’ valuation looks like a pretty good return given the reported $30M expansion fee the owners paid in 2007.  That, of course, does not account for how much the owners have contributed over the years.

There’s no discussion as to what’s included in the calculation of valuations.  While the Sounders lead the league in attendance, the value of items such as sponsorships,  media rights deals and SUM equity arrangements are not really known.  It’s completely reasonable to believe the Sounders are amongst the most valuable franchises in the league, but takes a bit of a leap to see them rank ahead of the likes of teams from New York, Los Angeles or Toronto.