MLS Partners with SeatGeek

July 31, 2016

Early this week MLS announced it will partner with SeatGeek to essentially open its secondary ticket market.  This is opposite what other leagues are doing with regards to the secondary market.  Kudos to MLS.  It’ll be interesting to see the impact of this move over time.

The Sounders get excellent attendance at matches.  Their next step is another big jump in numbers to get closer to selling out the CLink on a regular basis.  That’s a ways a way.  But a more open and dynamic secondary market should help.  The move surely will prove popular with season ticket holders, who now will have multiple options to list tickets, even at the same time.  This contrasts with recent moves to make selling tickets more difficult, such as the loading of tickets on a ticket card and the ticket placed in the team app.  And of course, all fans have preferred ways of handling their tickets and selling them should the need arise.

Major League Soccer proves it’s willing to shake things up and not settle for what the other popular leagues are doing.  This is wise given how young the league is and such trial and error may yield some surprise benefits in the future.  Along with the benefit of the doubt from its fans.