New National Sports Network On In Seattle

October 30, 2017

If you find yourself needing more Mountain West Conference volleyball or West Coast Conference coaches shows, Stadium is for you.  Stadium is the joint effort of Sinclair Broadcasting, Campus Insiders and 120 Sports.  Available nation wide via its website, broadcasting on Twitter and distributed on over the top services, Stadium can also be seen on broadcast TV on digital subchannels throughout Sinclair’s network of properties.  Locally, Stadium appears on 51.3, which is actually a subchannel of Univision.

The multi-platform approach is a unique way to go for national reach.  At least compared to that of a network distributed via cable.  Along with college sports, 120 Sports’ relationships with the various major leagues means highlights and archived programming are also part of the network.  Studio programming provided by 120 Sports includes The Rally, which some refer to as a millennial version of SportsCenter.  Campus Insiders, meanwhile, brings its array of webcasts of collegiate sporting events.

It may be modest now, but over time we’ll see if the owners have grander plans for Stadium.  Given the network began televising in September to a non cable audience, it still has a relatively low profile.  But for those cable cutters and cable nevers, it’s another option to view and consume national sports news and content through linear TV and online.